专注线上休闲食品零售 打通新零售入口

Focus on online leisure food retailing & Open up new retail outlets

We are committed to helping brands expand e-commerce channels and open up new retail entrance and gain market increment with professional
operation to achieve a?tripartite win-win situation of consumers, enterprises and MoreFood.


— Honest诚信 | Professional专业 | Effective高效 —






Shanghai MoreFood Electronic Commerce Company was founded in 2009. The shares were formally listed on New OTC(Over the Counter) Market in 2015. We provide professional E-commerce service in food industry. MoreFood has been awarded the title of "hi-tech enterprise" in Shanghai.

Our integrated capabilities encompass aspects of the E-commerce value chain covering IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, warehousing and fulfillment. We are committed to helping brands expand the channel of e-commerce and open up new retail entrance and gain market increment with professional operation to achieve a?tripartite win-win situation of consumers, enterprises and MoreFood.

We help brands execute their E-commerce strategies in China by selling their goods directly to customers online .Our business ranges from China’s largest online shopping platforms – Tmall and JD.com, as well as social mobile shopping malls, to brands’ official stores.

MoodFood is?one?of?the?few?professional electric business operation company with independent research and development of software technology. MoodFood’s ERP system has obtained 21 computer software copyright. Driven by technology, we help brands to expande e-commerce channels and build a communication bridge with customers.

We have a key elite operation team with more than 100 members up to now .161 enterprises and 251 brands have reached operational and strategic cooperation with MoreFood, and have got into the mainstream e-commerce channel through MoreFood. Nearly 100 single product of 40 brands have got into BAILIAN, Freshhema, Tmall store, ONMINE and other new retail projects through MoreFood directly. MoreFood has gradually built system of full channel retail operations and established online database of leisure food consumers .



    invention change technology ecology

    以强大的技术创新为依托,提升效率、体验和全流程资源管理, 以应对快速更迭的商业环境,强调与合作伙伴的共享共赢共同成长, 实践企业生态发展战略。

    Relying on strong technological innovation Improving efficiency, experience and full process resource management Emphasising on sharing win-win and common growth with partners Practicing enterprise ecological development strategy

  • 企业使命 MISSION

    创造价值 连接美好

    Creating the value Connecting the beauty


    Inheriting the Chinese leisure food culture.
    Finding the good taste of leisure food in the world.
    Letting millions of people enjoy a good time


— 汤圣平 猫诚电商董事长兼总裁 —

汤圣平先生,中国人民大学本科毕业,北京大学光华管理学院EMBA硕士。先后在万科和华为从事人力资源工作,是华为建立考核体系、任职资格体系的主要参与人之一;2000年,为了全面培养自己的能力,离开人力资源本行,到杭州从事华为产品的一线销售;2003年离开华为并历经11个月创作了《走出华为》一书,该书获得新浪网评选的“2004 年全国财经新书畅销榜”第一名、《新京报》主办的“首届华语图书传媒大奖”第四名和《深圳晚报》评选的“2004 年最受读者欢迎的图书”第二名;2004年7月加入中华英才网,担任主管销售的副总裁,中华英才网最鼎盛时期的核心管理团队成员,亲手打造上千人的销售团队;2008年10月,全球最大的招聘网站monster以高价全资入主中华英才网,汤圣平完成进入英才网的历史使命,退出中华英才网。

Tang Shengping, graduated from Renmin University of China, EMBA master of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. He used to be engaged in human resources work in Vanke and HUAWEI successively and was one of the main participants of HUAWEI's establishment of assessment system and qualification system. In 2000, in order to develop his own ability in an all-round way, he left the human resources line and went to Hangzhou for the first-line sales of HUAWEI products. In 2003, he left HUAWEI and wrote a book called out of HUAWEI for 11 months. This book won the first prize of “ the 2004 national finance and new book bestseller list” selected by Sina, the fourth prize of “Chinese language books and Media Awards” sponsored by The Beijing News and the second prize of "The most popular books in 2004" selected by Shenzhen Evening News. In July 2004, he joined CHINAHR as the vice president of sales, the core executive team member of CHINAHR, and built thousands of sales team .In October 2008, the world's largest recruitment Web site, monster,fully invested in CHINAHR with high prices. He completed the historical mission to enter CHINAHR and quit. At the end of 2009, he founded MoreFood.


  • 连续3年被上海市主管部门评为优秀企业、潜力企业

    MoreFood has been appraised as an excellent enterprise and potential enterprise for three years by the competent department of Shanghai.

  • 获上海市“高新技术企业”称号

    MoodFood has won the title of "high and new technology enterprise" in Shanghai.

  • 被多家供应商授予“十佳经销商“,被合作供应商颁发”最佳达成奖“

    MoreFood?has?been awarded?as?"the best dealer"?by?part?suppliers.

  • 自主研发的ERP系统取得了21项计算机软件著作权

    MoodFood’s ERP system has obtained 21 computer software copyright.


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